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What is Humanized Birth?


It is a loving and warm birth, it can be a delivery or a caesarean section, where it is understood that the protagonists are mom, dad and baby, and everyone who is present supports them so that it is an experience that marks them positively.



Is Humanized Birth equal to childbirth without anesthesia?


No, a Humanized Birth can be childbirth (with or without anesthesia), or it can even be a cesarean section.



How is a humanized childbirth?


It is a birth where the mother's decisions are respected, so that she achieves a beautiful and warm birth, and starts breastfeeding in the first hour of life for a correct start of it.



How is a humanized caesarean section?


It's a C-section where, if your baby is a healthy baby, they're put to the breast and you start breastfeeding at the golden hour (the first hour of life)



What is a psychoprophylactic birth like?


It is a birth where non-pharmacological techniques (such as massages, postures, breathing, etc.) are used to manage the sensations of labor and it is carried out without the use of anesthesia or epidural analgesia, by the mother's free decision.



Why is it important to attempt childbirth?


It provides many benefits for babies, it helps to squeeze their lungs so that they can fill with air when they are born and babies can breathe more easily, their body is colonized by "friendly" bacteria that are in the vaginal canal, milk goes down more easily mother, the baby does an important job looking for the exit and runs processes that make it more prepared for its extrauterine life.



What is a Psychoprophylactic or Birth Preparation Course?


It is a course where you will acquire important knowledge for your pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. It will help you have a better experience overall and make the best decisions for you and your baby.



What is the Psychoprophylactic Course for?


To live a peaceful pregnancy, inform yourself, overcome your fears, and make the best decisions.



What is a Doula?


We are professionals who offer support on the day of birth, it can be giving suggestions to cope with contractions, to achieve a natural birth and support in the beginning of breastfeeding.

It can also accompany a caesarean section so that the mother is calm and advises on the start of breastfeeding.

In addition to following up on postpartum and lactation.

How can a Doula help me?


To live a better transition from woman to mother, it is an unconditional support according to what you decide for the birth of your baby.


What is a Lactation Consultant?


We are professionals who have a preparation to help establish breastfeeding, resolving doubts and giving alternatives for the mother.


How can a Lactation Consultant help me?


In establishing and achieving a joyful and successful breastfeeding.


Why is breastfeeding important for my baby?


Because breast milk is full of benefits, physical and emotional, as well as being the ideal food for your baby.

What is the objective of the Psychoprophylactic Course?


Make a birth plan so that they can make the best decisions and achieve a positive birth experience as recommended by the World Health Organization.


What is the Psychoprophylactic course based on?


In the Latest Recommendations for a positive birth experience.


What do the latest WHO Recommendations say for a

Positive Birth experience?


Broadly speaking, the mother's requests must be respected and all the support she needs in her process must be provided, in addition to the fact that it is very important for your baby to receive contractions that prepare him for his extrauterine life, even if in the end it is childbirth or cesarean section, and that later it is not separated from you for the correct start of breastfeeding and attachment.


What is the difference between a psychoprophylactic course and a birth preparation course?


They are the same, only you can find it with any of these names.


What chance do I have of having a natural birth if my pregnancy has not had complications?


According to the World Health Organization, 85% of pregnancies can achieve a natural birth.


Can all pregnancies have a humanized birth?


That's right, that's why it's very important that you prepare yourself so that you can achieve and enjoy the birth of your baby.



If my baby will be born by caesarean section, will the course help me?


Of course, there are topics from healthy pregnancy to breastfeeding, baby bathing and some others that can help you have a beautiful pregnancy and achieve a humanized birth, as well as a joyful breastfeeding.



Is it important that my partner accompanies me when taking the classes?


Yes, so that you are also informed and on the same channel so that you can make the best decisions together.


If I am a single mom, can I achieve a humanized birth?


Of course, it is best to choose someone who can be with you on the day of labor and knows how to help you.


How does functional training for pregnancy help me?


To reduce the normal discomfort of pregnancy, have a healthy weight gain and prepare your body for labor, and whether it is delivery or cesarean section, you have a better postpartum condition.


What is the Golden Hour or Golden Hour?


According to the studies and recommendations of the World Health Organization, it is the first hour of your baby's life (whether born by delivery or caesarean section), in which he should not be separated from his mother for the correct start of breastfeeding maternal and attachment.


What is attachment?


It is the close relationship between parents and children, it is the connection that you have and it is very important to establish it from the first hour of life, this will help parents to more easily resolve needs and establish communication with their baby.


What is the birth plan and what is it for?


It is a very important tool to materialize what we want for the birth of our baby and it will be of great help to be able to negotiate with our health professionals.


If I want to have a birth with anesthesia, can it still be a humanized or respected birth?


Of course! Anesthesia does not take away anything humanized from childbirth or cesarean section, you can continue with the birth plan.



How do I know if my doctor practices humanized childbirth?


Asking and negotiating the options we want for our birth.

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