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Hospitals that support humanized birth

medical bite

Hospital Bité Médica has a permanent commitment to cultivate, maintain and preserve quality, service, people and life, offering its users a new, modern and functional alternative in health services that meet the needs and requirements of prevention , diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, in all medical specialties.

Durango Sanatorium

The Durango Sanatorium is a hospital with specialties and subspecialties that has all the services for diagnostics and treatments, as well as support and care a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5-bbestros-1538d_badestros-1538d_ inpatients and outpatients.

Mary Joseph Rome

At the María José Roma Hospital we are comprehensively prepared to provide the best care and guarantee patient safety. Our hospital services have the capacity to meet the demand of national and foreign patients who are in search of excellence in medical care and quality service at affordable prices.


Bamba River

We provide a boutique medical practice that offers advanced patient care, the creation of tailored preventive care programs, as well as a culture of service from all of our staff.

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