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Introduction and Anatomy

. Welcome and Introduction to psychoprophylaxis and notions of Anatomy.


. Explanation of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.


. Benefits of Humanized Birth.


. Evaluate your current diet and redesign your daily menu. 

. Importance of feeding in lactation.


. Exercises that help you accommodate your baby.

Healthy Pregnancy (Nutrition and Exercise)  


. Identification of the different stages of labor.


. Prodromes- How does labor start?


. When to go to the hospital?





. Medical and Emotional Aspects


. Myths and realities

Birth Essay.


. Dynamics to clear doubts for the day of birth.



. Describe the characteristics and basic care of a newborn.


.Baby bath, attachment and portage.



. Enunciate benefits, technique and positions, tips for successful breastfeeding.

. Describe breastfeeding positions and how storage is carried out

Welcome from your baby


. With their loved ones, a very pleasant moment for the couple to remember and celebrate the miracle of life.

Control techniques for labor and monitoring.


. What to do in labor? When to go to the hospital.


. Practice some of the different birth control techniques.


. Breathing and postures.

Birth Options Taught by a specialist


. Analyze the ways of being born and determine which birth alternative they are inclined to.


. Learn about hospital routines 


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